Stay Safe whilst invested in crypto.

Achieve your investment objectives safely with our principal-protected Crypto assets structured products. No more FOMO. 

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Invest with principal-protection

Invest with principal-protection

Our rigorous investment process places the protection of your principal as our top priority. 

Capture the Upside

Our products are structured with derivatives to benefit from crypto price movements. Capture the upside with pre-defined risk.

Earn regular income

Earn income with our structured products that pay interests based on fixed schedules. The more you invest, the more you earn.

Low Forex Risk

For USD based investors, our offerings are denominated in the highly liquid USDC stablecoins, pegged at 1:1 ratio and fully backed by actual US-dollar reserves.

Low Starting Capital

Our investment products are offered in fractionalized unit sizes. Diversify and scale according to your plan.

NFT Ownership

Our investment products are represented as NFTs. Your ownership of them in your blockchain wallet entitles you to their payouts and principal.

How Crypto Structured
investment works

During the pre-issuance period, select your desired product before making your principal investment in USDC (Stablecoin)

At Issuance, your principal will be invested in vetted yield-bearing strategies and Crypto derivatives according to the product termsheet.

At maturity, the interest earned from the yield-bearing investments ensure principal-protection, whilst any Crypto upside is captured by derivatives.

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SFA FinTech Certified

SuperHedge is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association, a cross-industry non-profit initiative of the FinTech ecosystem in Singapore. The SFA FinTech Certification is recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Our Team

Jason Er
Co-founder & CEO
Over a decade of experience in finance, consulting, retail and e-commerce. Jason started his career as a FX derivatives structurer for Lehman Brothers, and later on as a portfolio manager for a multi-assets investment fund. He is a board member of UrbanCity, an e-commerce enabler and digital marketing company which he co-founded.

He graduated from University College London with a BSc in Economics.
Christopher Tsakok
Co-founder & CTO
Christopher is a former Goldman Sachs application infrastructure engineer. He also co-founded an ewaste trading venture, and  was marketing metal commodities at Glencore and Scholz AG. He's tech advisor of an e-commerce marketplace for elder caregiving.

He holds an MEng in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London, with the final year at Télécom Paris.

Investors and Partners